Styling Your Life From The Inside Out


Be a Pineapple * Se Una Pina

Its funny how as a society we re always labeling things and even people. But to me its even funnier how we all fall in the trap at one point or another . What inspired me to write this post its the principle that we all any given time have the capacity to change our label and with it cane our destiny . When I tell people that my blog used to be entirely about fashion and lifestyle and that now I want to focus on self-help and motivation they look at me like I am crazy and go speechless. I enjoy fashion and dressing people, but what I enjoy the most its making people feel good about themselves . Other people have said to me that its a mistake for me to change the direction of my brand simply because I have been writing about fashion since 2012. And this is the way many of us tend to think like and this is the mindset that boxes us and make us feel trapped . But what I have learned and want you to know its that at any given time we all have the power to change that . I am not saying that its going to happen overnight but even if we start with one small step at a time, its important that we start . We have to think about what its important to us and  why because the answer to the why its what its going to make it worth it . So I say to you : be a Pineapple or a Coconut , be whoever you want ,as long as it makes yo happy !!!

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