The Push * El Empujon

The other day while sitting at a traffic light , I looked in my mirror and noticed that the car that was behind me was not only extremely close but it kept moving closer and closer  to me . At that moment it came to me how in life sometimes we need a push and how other times we are the ones pushing others. Sometimes we failed to recognize the signs because they are not coming from the place we are expecting them to come from . Maybe this car was the push I needed to move forward . Whether they meant it or not it pushed me. It pushed me to the realization that whether I knew it yet or not I was ready to come back to blogging . And not only that , I now know for sure that I am ready to push others as a life stylist and life coach . started in 2012 as  a fashion and lifestyle blog. My purpose was to inspire, motivate, and help women to dress better and therefore feel better about themselves. After writing the blog for two years I felt as if had became something else than what I had intended it to be . So I stopped. I stopped to think. I stopped to find myself again. My purpose continues to be to inspire and motivate women not only to dress better, but to love themselves , to find out who they are , what their calling is . is the place where Self-Discovery meets with Self-Acceptance to arrive at Self-Love in Style . 

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