Why BraveChica ?

Part 1

BraveChica was born out of my desire to survive. And I say survive because my entire life I felt like I was surviving. In a perfect world, all kids grow up surrounded by love and care. But to be honest, we all know that this doesn’t happen as often as we would like to think. I have survived many things, including my parent’s divorce when I was five years old, coming to this country at the age of 12, finding myself on the street at 19 with nothing but my dog Dali. But, the biggest thing I have survived is my internal battle with self-love and belonging. Ideally, we are thought this growing up. For me, it was the total opposite. What do one do when they grow up believing that they are ugly, inadequate, unworthy of love and belonging? Well, they can grow up and be just that, or they can grow up and prove them wrong.

I was told that my nose is too big, my ears are ugly because they stick out, my body shape is not nice because I don’t have a small waist. I was told that I would never amount to anything because I was a failure as a human being. Even though at the time I was a kid. I have come a long way from the endless days of depression and anxiety when nothing seemed to give me hope. I have been there, at the very bottom, wishing to die because living just felt too painful. Out of this hopelessness came BraveChica. One day I decided to be brave and love myself. I decided that no one was going to define myself, but me. No one was going to define beauty for me, or success, or love, or anything else for that matter. At that moment I gave myself the power that had been taken from me my entire life. And let me tell you it has been liberating.

One of the first things I did was to define love for myself. What does it mean to me? Not what other people say about it. I define it as vulnerability without expectations. We are all worthy of love. Not if we accomplish this, that, or the other, but in spite of. I am worthy of love is spite of what I’ve been through, what I look like, the mistakes I have made, the things I have or have not accomplish. I am worthy of love today, tomorrow, and always. Everything can be taken from me at any given time except the sense of self-love that I have cultivated. This principle resides in the deepest part of myself now. It has become the essence of my being. I have found that self-love opens the door to many possibilities, including true intimacy. The best type of intimacy, the one I can have with myself. In order to love others, we must first love ourselves.

BraveChica was created to empower women. I want women to embrace who they are and each other. To enjoy the journey of becoming. I want women to look at each other with kindness and compassion. We are not each other’s competition. I hope you are ready for this space, where honesty, vulnerability, and non-judgement will rule. We are all great by ourselves, but we are definitely much greater together. Let’s build each other up, love each other, let’s be brave and love ourselves.

In a society that teaches us from an early age that we are all standing alone, lets stand together because WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER …

I want to teach other women to love themselves. It does not happen overnight, is definitely a journey. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Its the journey of your life and I want to embark with you. Are you ready ? To be powerful, kind, vulnerable, motivated, enthusiastic about your life. Are you ready to stop surviving and start living? Most importantly, are you ready to be brave and love yourself?